About Sponsorship

The Americas Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS) has been sponsored by suppliers of Currency Note Sorters/Counters/Validators, ATMs, ATM-Recyclers, Cash Dispensing Machines, Cash Management Software, Business Intelligence, Vault Management Software, Ink/Dye Staining Technology, Track and Trace Software, Currency Recyclers, Vault Lock and Security Equipment, Smart-safes, Coin Machines, Process Management, and IT & Consulting companies to name but a few.

Thank you for your interest in Sponsoring the Americas Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS). 

Sponsorship for the Americas Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS) 2017 is now closed. 

If you are interested in finding out more about the 2018 event (exact dates and location to be announced during the 2017 event conference closing) please contact Mr. Tom Mitchell at tmitchell@currency-research.com.

For reference, the 2017 Sponsor Prospectus can be viewed here:  2017 Americas Sponsor Prospectus, and we will be publishing the 2018 verssion in due course. if you would like to recieved the 2018 Prospectus as soon as it is published please contact Tom Mitchell at tmitchell@currency-research.com.  


Distinguishing Benefits of Sponsorship:

  • Our unique and quality program attracts high-level attendance from Federal Authorities/Central Banks, Commercial Banks, Retailers, Casinos, CITs, and ATM Service Providers
  • Only sponsors are allowed to exhibit
  • Create brand awareness and leverage your products and solutions to a large target audience before, during and after the event.
  • Exclusive marketing to existing or new markets is guaranteed by international delegation of key stakeholders.
  • We protect our Sponsor group by making it financially difficult for Competing Suppliers or other suppliers to come as regular delegates and NOT sponsor, thereby protecting your time with the target delegates.
  • We restrict supplier registrations to maintain at least a 50% target delegate to supplier delegate ratio — which ensures you will not be talking to a room of suppliers.
  • Dedicated Exhibition Time for you to talk with your customers and prospects at your booth (Dedicated Exhibition Time includes Monday Night Welcome Reception, Coffee Breaks, Lunches, Tuesday Evening Reception plus extra time to visit with them at the Delegate Appreciation Dinner on Wednesday night.)
  • Silver level sponsors and above will get at least one 45-minute Breakout Session where you can present your product/service solution or business case directly to an interested group.
  • Our sponsors play an integral role in planning the conference — allowing for their input and suggestions in our marketing and Presentation Agenda.
  • We are not a tradeshow!

Booths and Delegates:

As a sponsor you receive a wide range of benefits depending on the level of sponsorship you choose. The following is an overview of booth and delegate inclusions. 

Free Sponsor Delegate Registrations: 5 3 2 1
Free Technician, Booth Rep, or Additional Delegate: 1 1 1 1
Exhibition Booth(s) 2 adjacent 2 adjacent 1 1

Breakout Sessions and General Session Presentations:

Aside from the first two Platinum sponsors to enroll (who are entitled to give a General Session presentation), supplier presentations are not allowed in the General Sessions. Therefore, we offer 45-minute Breakout Meetings to sponsors starting at the Silver level. Platinum Sponsorships include 2 Breakout Meetings, and Gold and Silver Sponsorships include 1 Breakout Meeting. The Breakout Meetings are dedicated slots in which the sponsor can present any topic of their choice.

As an added benefit, sponsors who procure a Bank, Retailer, or Casino customer to give an educational presentation during the General Sessions may co-present with their customer should the situation warrant such support. Please note that all presentation requests must be approved by the seminar review committee for educational content and are subject to agenda availability. Contact Trish Halligan at thalligan@currency-research.com if you wish to put forward a presentation request.