2017 Sponsor Breakout Meetings

"Attending the Americas Cash Cycle Seminar was very exciting, interesting and most importantly, informative. The wealth of information that is made available to a delegate through this seminar is just unbelievable!" -- Central Bank of Belize



Drive Your Business With IOT And Data Analytics!

Software solutions are integrated into a bank's or a cash center's business processes.  An ecosystem of related banknote processing solutions, along with data and service management applications, will support this integration and ensure cost efficient, future proof cash management.  Connected processing systems also allow the exchange of large volumes of data in short time. Modern analytics tools can  a wealth of insight into the cash cycle and prepare the basis for data-driven decision making in the cash industry.

Commercial Cash Centers: Entering New Dimensions

Do you want to modernize your cash center through automation solutions, or optimize your vault operations? In a nutshell: do you want to make your cash center more efficient and versatile? Cash center operators are increasingly deciding to give up smaller cash centers in favor of larger operations with a higher level of automation. High levels of automation demands co-ordination of multiple elements of a cash center - even beyond Men, Material and Machine. Find out what makes cash center automation a business reality. Join us to explore the subtle but sophisticated role played by software in automation.



What does "Big Data" and Cash Management have in common?

More than you may think!  In today's world data is everything but more than that, data analytics is key to supporting a business strategy as well as protecting existing investments.  Knowing how to use data is the key to unlocking a successful and innovative business.  Whether you're a small or large financial institution, a Cash-In-Transit, or even a Central Bank, your business model and costs are always changing.  Find out how you can stay ahead of the game with the right Cash Management solution working for you.

Have You Ever Considered Managing Your Network CASH As A Service (CaaS)?

Managing the cash distribution process can be challenging at times is truly an understatement, but despite these complications quite often Financial Institutions and Central Banks hold on to this process for fear of not losing control and most importantly money in managing their cash network.  This is one of the many myths that surround Cash Management today.  Whilst there is not a one-size fits all based on ATM and Branch network size, there are some key issues that can be addressed by looking into alternative cash management deployment models (On-site; Cloud; Managed).  NCR is in a great position to offer you the know-how in order to make the right decision to match your business strategy.  

Turning Cash Into Digital Information

In the digital age more companies are tracking the movement of all assets. Cash is the most tempting asset and it therefore makes sense to turn all information concerning cash into digital information. By digitizing the cash information it can be tracked through the entire processing chain; beginning with the clerk that collects the money from the retail patron, all the way to the cash safely being deposited at the bank vault. Digitizing cash movement assures easy tracking, tracing, and security, from end to end. Learn how leading companies are digitizing cash.

Smart Safe Trends From Around The World [IN SPANISH]

Smart safes are coming into their own. The cash counting safe market is over 20 years old. It took a while for cash counting safes to become main stream in the various retail markets. Smart safes count the cash as it enters the currency cycle at the merchant's point of sale and tracks it to the banks deposit vaults. Highlighting the best smart safe practices from around the world demonstrates how exciting smart safes have become. Armor’s CacheSYSTEM safes are “Changing the way the world counts cash".

Yield Best-in-Class Cash Cycle Management Results [CLOSED TO COMPETITORS]

In the highly competitive banking market, achieving flexible, cost-optimal cash handling coupled with high availability is one of the biggest challenges faced. In this session we will examine the hidden costs of cash cycle management, explain why manual processes are highly detrimental to the efficiency and transparency of the cash cycle; and how relying on them can pose various risks. We will introduce a new kind of true cash cycle management that requires new, sophisticated optimization solutions to plan just-in-time cash service schedules exactly to demand. This breakout will demonstrate how integrating delivery processes can transform branch cash cycle management.



How secure are your cash deposits, and security bags from internal and external theft?

Theft continues to be a financial threat in the cash deposit and security bag industry.  Thieves continue to find methods to manipulate bags and steal without detection.  Belle-Pak, a leading manufacturer of cash deposit and security bags, under the Theftgard brand, develop leading edge security bag solutions to help mitigate your risk.  Come learn about our latest innovations in polyethylene security bag technology.  This will be an interactive session that showcases the latest closure technologies, with a live demonstration of our security and cash bag products.

Eliminating 100% of Internal Losses with Smart Technology - Cash Transport

Intelligent cash protection coupled with secure audit processes are currently one of the most effective ways to protect physical cash. Intelligent cash protection systems actively deter individuals from attempting robberies and have been proven to reduce overall costs in storing and transporting cash. This breakout session will address some of the current methods of cash movement and how moving cash can be made smarter and safer. 

From Cash Visibility to Cash Intelligence: Creating an Industry Advantage Through Transformational Change

Today we can track a pair of sneakers from Amazon down to the city block, yet a cash bag containing $100,000 often flies under the radar. If we can solve the cash visibility challenge, like Amazon, we can create new intelligence with a real transformative value. This session will explore how other industries used visibility to transform, and what cash intelligence will mean for our industry. We will also discuss the role of industry-wide standards, and how the largest company in the world started small, then went big on RFID, and what they experienced along that path.