Sponsor Breakout Meetings

The following is a list of Sponsor Breakout Meetings were held at the 2016 Americas Cash Cycle Seminar in Miami. Be sure to visit the website again soon for the 2017 Sponsor Breakout Meetings.


360 Degree Security in the Cash Center

Innovative processing systems combined with industrial IT-security solutions are a "Must Have" in the cash handling world.  Operations within modern cash centers are based on reliable processing systems and optimized workflows: human touches of banknotes are reduced to a minimum. On top smart automation, standardization and digitalization further increase efficiency throughout the cash cycle. Both, bank branches - with their widely distributed network of smaller processing devices - and even more so cash centers, expect high system availability and stringent security. G&D is your single source for cash handling solutions with integrated “360 degree security”‎ – for banks and CITs which offer premium cash services to their clients.

Get Connected to the Virtual World of Cash Processing by Giesecke & Devrient

Don’t accept less in business than at home. Today, cash processing extends far beyond stand-alone, off-line banknote counting systems. Instead, it requires connected systems that meet the IT-network, security and communication protocol requirements of the modern IT-infrastructure they are embedded within. On top, software solutions are integrated into a bank’s or a cash center’s business processes. An ecosystem of related banknote processing solutions, along with data and service management applications, will support this integration and assure cost efficient, future-proof cash management.

Automation – How Can It Be Used in Cash Processing?

Cash processors use varying amounts of automation in their processes and automation in general is on the increase. But what does automation actually mean? This breakout session will set out to answer this question and explore the different ways in which automation can increase efficiencies, reduce cost and ensure consistency and control. You will hear about automation using hardware, software and a combination of both, and an evaluation of the effectiveness of each.

Cash Echo-system Within the Retail Bank Branches

Due to the increase of cash circulation, Retail Bank Branches are dealing with a deluge of merchant cash with focus on bank branch effectiveness and customer traction. Businesses process re-engineering is required to take a new look at how cash is managed within the bank branch – from vault to teller drawer.


What Processing Platform is Best for the Cash Processing Operation?

In today’s Cash Processing Operations, volumes, deadlines and regulations dictate everyday scheduling of resources to handle deposits coming in, verification and crediting of deposits, change orders going out and all of the processes in between. How do you determine what will work best for your operation? Options include: an increased staff compliment to process cash on currency counters, the use of Mid-Speed Currency Sorters, and the use of High-Speed Currency Sorters. Join us at the Toshiba Breakout Session to discuss which options are best for your operation. All delegates are welcome.

Smart Safe Lessons from Latin America

The majority of cash handling businesses today still rely on traditional methods of cash management that are low value, high risk, and high cost. Such companies can dramatically improve the efficiency and accuracy of their cash management processes by leveraging technology to implement a complete cash management solution. Today’s intelligent cash management systems have been proven time and time again in markets around the world to improve cash management processes and to give managers more time to focus on the rest of the needs of their operation. Cash handling businesses as well as cash-in-transit (CIT) companies and the financial institutions serving them have achieved significant benefits and savings by embracing this technology.

Most Central Banks Have Clean Note Policies for Notes in Circulation But How Can Monitoring be Achieved in a Consistent, Uniform Manner?

As Central Banks and their commercial partners increasingly look to outsource note processing, how do they maintain visibility of the quality and authenticity of notes in the cash cycle? Innovia Systems has developed a range of solutions that enable organizations involved in banknote recirculation or policy enforcement to assess the authenticity of notes and also establish the quality of notes in a consistent manner at both a regional and national level.

The Increasing Popularity of Alternative Substrates to the More Traditional Cotton Offers New Challenges for Counterfeiters, and Brings Confidence to the Market – Provided it is Appropriately Equipped

The introduction of new substrates, such as polymer, and the enhanced security features they bring means the capability of many traditional detection technologies are no longer state of the art. To address this, Innovia Systems has developed a range of detection devices for central banks, commercial processors, and retailers that provide quick and easy identification of suspect banknotes and thus reduce the impact of counterfeiting at all points in the cash cycle.

Managing Cash at 360°

Financial institutions today are increasingly sensitive to customer behavior of anytime-anywhere banking. This is driving a heightened awareness to the overall experience which goes beyond "cash availability." Managing cash at 360° is critical to an efficient and cost effective management of today's retail and wholesale banking channel. Key stakeholders in the cash distribution chain can now make operational decisions in a timely manner by leveraging a solution that facilitates the cash planning process from planning to logistics management. During this breakout session NCR will take you through a proven approach to achieving this.


Eliminating 100% Internal Losses – ATM Security

Ram raids, explosives, and gas attacks are well known problems with multiple solutions. Spinnaker will be sharing their 31 years of experience in cash security looking at solutions to eliminate internal losses from ATMs. Losses are experienced even with localised CCTV. Losses occur whether cash replenishments use bank staff or CIT crews alike. Spinnaker will look at how to eliminate all losses of any nature.

Social Engineering: How Strong is Your “Human Firewall”?

Almost everyone who uses email and other common Internet utilities has been exposed to social engineering attacks. That famous Nigerian prince who wants you to click on his incredible offer to share his wealth in return for a minor favor is a crude version of the fraud, yet illustrates the simple, seemingly innocuous interactions that can lead to very damaging and costly intrusions. D. Mark Lowers will discuss the important human risk factors that you need to address in your risk management plan. Your efforts to harden the computer systems in your organization against technical intrusion will be pointless if the people who have access to them are vulnerable to social engineering attacks.

The Road to a Truly Optimized Cash Cycle (Closed to Competitors)

Easy access to cash - anywhere, anytime, around the clock and across the network is one of the most significant trends in retail banking today. But the hidden costs of cash management are very significant. In addition to tangible cost savings and improvements to cut down on those hidden costs, financial institutions are looking to transform their branch processes and add automated cash recycling devices to shorten the cash-cycle. By classifying deposits, cash recycler ATMs are partly replenished by the consumer and re-distribute cash on the spot. Managing this new kind of cash cycle requires new, sophisticated optimization solutions to plan just-in-time cash service schedules exactly to demand. This Breakout demonstrates how True Cash Cycle Management lives up to the promise to integrate delivery processes and transform branch cash management.