2017 Planned Presentations*

The 2017 Americas Cash Cycle Seminar will focus on Cash 20/20 - Innovations and Trends and will be centered around the following themed sessions:

20/20 Focus on Optimizing the Cash Cycle

As cash use changes, interest rates rise, and technology advances, cash stakeholders will need to adapt their operations to a new and rapidly changing environment. This session will focus on how these changes affect the various cash cycle participants, what challenges they are facing, and how they are optimizing their processes. Representatives from central banks, commercial banks, cash-in-transit companies, equipment suppliers, and retailers will discuss case studies of innovative technologies and strategies implemented to theoretical ideas for future optimization.

20/20 Focus on Innovating Cash Handling and Data Analytics

Technological advancements have made it possible and cost-effective to eliminate manual cash counting and record keeping, yet the cash industry still relies heavily on labor intensive practices. A panel of industry leaders in cash handling transformation and data analytics will discuss the challenges and benefits with automating cash handling and transitioning to a paperless backroom process. They will also address how to best use the massive amount of data provided by the new automation to help improve efficiency.

20/20 Focus on Transforming the Customer Experience

Many times we can be inward focused and lose sight of how all these changes to the cash cycle affect the customer. In fact, it is the customer experience that drives many changes and a negative impact on the end-user is sure to ruin any best-intentioned transformation. This session focuses on the customer experience and attempts to answer the question: What do consumers want? We will hear from commercial banks and retailers about how they are changing the way they interact with customers and what that means for the cash cycle. Customer facing technology will also be discussed as case studies to highlight how smart-safe and desktop sorters are catalysts for these transformations.

20/20 Focus on Usage and Trends

The final three sessions of the conference will delve into how cash is being used and future trends. Is the digital transformation finally here? Are cash volumes growing or declining throughout the region? Panelists from central banks and industry research organizations will discuss observed trends in cash and electronic payments, including recent developments with digital currency. Panelists will also discuss the threats to the cash cycle from the observed trends. Experts in counterfeiting and cyber threats will discuss the vulnerabilities of the payment system and what is being done to combat them. The Federal Reserve will lead an interactive workshop focused on the evolution of cash’s role in society and the way that organizations handle this evolution throughout the supply chain. Participants will identify and discuss their own observations of cash usage trends and specific impacts to their organizations and to the broader supply chain.

*Subject to change

Simultaneous English and Spanish translation provided in General Sessions, Sponsor Breakout Meetings and Post-Seminar Symposium