2017 Post-Seminar Symposium

The Post-Seminar Symposium for 2017 was dedicated to Currency Production - Where the Cash Cycle Begins: The Cost of Currency.

Thursday, 2 November, 2017
8:30am - 12:30pm
Free to attend for any Americas Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS) delegate.

With growing alternatives to currency and increasing cost pressures on issuing authorities and throughout the cash cycle, all cash cycle participants must be mindful of the cost of currency. While the threats to currency are ever present and evolving, leading to the need to integrate more complex and costly security features, currency printers and central banks must contain the cost of the payment instrument. This symposium will focus on the initiatives of some central banks, printers, and feature and substrate suppliers aimed at managing and studying the cost of currency. Extending the cost study further into the cash cycle has challenged researchers, and we will conclude by discussing these challenges and future efforts to better understand the cost of currency.

This Symposium will take place after the close of the seminar and is free for all registered seminar delegates. There will be two sessions (with a coffee break in between) - one focused on issuing authorities and the other on suppliers and printers, specifically what each is doing to increase security and durability, which containing costs. Suppliers are welcome to submit presentations for our consideration and priority will be given to 2017 Americas Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS) sponsors.

Interested delegates must indicate their preference to attend during their Seminar registration process.

If you have any questions or require any assistance registering for this workshop, please contact Mrs. Drusilla G. Blakey at dblakey@currency-research.com.

 *Simultaneous English and Spanish translation provided in Post-Seminar Workshop Sessions.